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About Pacific Beacon + Palmer Hall

What is Pacific Beacon?
Pacific Beacon is the nation's first large-scale privatized housing community that is open to unaccompanied service members at a rank of E4, assigned to the San Diego metro area, and who have the proper chit approved by their housing office. Built as part of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI), Pacific Beacon is a privately owned and managed, 941-suite luxury high-rise apartment community on Naval Base San Diego overlooking San Diego Bay. Simply put, Pacific Beacon is a world class and highly amenitized apartment community designed to provide a resort-like, no-hassle lifestyle to the eligible servicemen and women of San Diego who deserve it most.
Who is eligible to live here?
Currently, Pacific Beacon is open to any single active duty service member attached to Naval Base San Diego of E4 rank and has the proper request chit approved by the housing office. Palmer Hall is open to active duty ship- or store-based sailors E1-E3 who are attached to Naval Base San Diego.
How is Palmer Hall different?
Palmer Hall at Pacific Beacon is a modern twelve-story, 258-suite apartment community located adjacent to the three Pacific Beacon towers. Amenities include a theatre TV room, community kitchen, and technology resource center. Additionally, Palmer Hall residents have access to all of the perks and amenities throughout the Pacific Beacon community. Units are open to Sailors E1-E3 who are attached to Naval Base San Diego.
Where can I get more information?

Call, email, or visit us in person. Phone: 619.231.3400

How can I route a chit for Pacific Beacon?
To begin, route a chit through the Unaccompanied Housing Office. Make the request to live off ship through your commanding officer.


What are rules for non-residents?
At Pacific Beacon, you may have overnight guests for up to 14 nights in any given month; however, no more than two overnight guests are permitted at a time. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the management team for good cause and on a case-by-case basis. At Palmer Hall, you may have guests between the hours of 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. However, no more than two guests are permitted at a time unless the management team provides specific approval. Additional restricted times may be required in circumstances where occupants of a room are required to work differring shifts and sleeping times are therefore staggered. Out of respect for your suitemates, overnight guests are not permitted at Palmer Hall.
What parking is available?
In general, Pacific Beacon residents have plenty of parking between the surrounding surface lots and the parking garage. As a resident, you will have an unreserved parking space in our 5-story parking structure available to you. As a resident of Palmer Hall, you are free to use any of the many surface parking lots adjacent to Palmer Hall.
Can I pick my suitemate?
Depending on availability, absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to sign a lease with your hand-picked suitemate. However, sometimes the experience of getting to know someone new is a reward in itself. We understand that your suitemate selection is important to you. If you do not have a suitemate in mind, we will make every effort to help you find a suitable match based on your criteria and current availability.
Is my apartment subject to inspection?

No, it is not. Not by the Navy or the management team without notice. As a resident with a residential lease governed by the state of California, you're afforded every protection under the California tenant-landlord law. One of the protections states that your landlord, absent a building-threatening circumstance like a fire or a flood, or other relative emergency may not enter your apartment without 24 hours written notice to you. In most cases, the management team will only request access to your apartment to provide requested or preventative maintenance.

What is the alcohol policy?
Within the laws of the state of California, you are permitted to enjoy alcoholic beverages within your residence and designated areas of the community. You are expected to act responsibility and follow all community guidelines.
What is the pet policy?
Unfortunately, Pacific Beacon and Palmer Hall do not allow pets with the exception of fish living in a tank of less than 25 gallons.

Renting at Pacific Beacon + Palmer Hall

What is the rent?
All apartments at Pacific Beacon are 82% of E4 San Diego BAH and are available fully furnished at no extra cost. Gas, water, electricity, and access to all of our world-class amenities are included in your rent. As a resident of Palmer Hall, your individual rent is 68% of the current BAH. All of the suites at Palmer hall are provided furnished at no extra cost. Gas, water, electricity, and access to all of our world-class amenities are included in your rent. Prices are subject to change based on yearly change to BAH.
What is included with my rent?
Everything - except for cable and Internet services, which are optional. Your utilities, limited personal property insurance, and parking are all included with your rent.
What lease terms are available?
Lease terms at Pacific Beacon are 12 months.
When can I move in?
You can move in based on availability.
How do I apply?

Simply route a chit requesting to receive partial BAH to reside at Pacific Beacon or Palmer Hall. Depending on rank eligibility, once your chit is approved, take both your LES and your approved chit and current orders to the CBH (Combined Bachelor Housing) office located in Regelin Hall. You will then be placed on a waiting list and when space is available at Palmer Hall (E1 - E3) or Pacific Beacon (E4), you will be notified to come and sign your new lease!

Are there fees other than rent?

Nope. We do not charge application fees, security deposits, or hit you with "amenity fees" like a lot of apartment owners. In fact, you do not even have to pay for parking. Your monthly rent (paid by allotment) is all it takes to live in luxury with us. Of course, the only exception is if you lose your room key or damage your apartment, you will incur a charge. In such cases, you will be notified of any costs ahead of time.

What happens if I go on deployment?

If you're a resident of Pacific Beacon, you may keep your suite, lock it up, keep your BAH allocation, and your apartment will be waiting for you just as you left it when you return. If you're a resident of Palmer Hall, you would not be permitted to keep your apartment if you were to leave for a deployment greater than 90 days due to privacy and security concerns.

What happens if I transfer commands?

You'll need to re-route your chit. The bottom line date needs to match the check in date on your orders. Bring your new orders and chit to our leasing office to update your file.